There is a facial depigmentation product for each skin type and degree of hyperpigmentation. Do you have skin spots? Find the most suitable solution for you.

facial depigmentation product

Skin spots are one of the main causes for consultations among dermatologists. Most times, this hyperpigmentation is simply an accumulation of melanin in the skin that presents no health risks, but has a negative effect on the self-esteem of those suffering it.

These spots of melanic origin usually appear due to exposure to solar radiation, although other factors, such as age, genetics or hormonal changes, also contribute to hyperpigmentation

If this is your case and you're worried about skin spots, you must first visit a professional for a diagnosis and to help you choose the depigmentation method best suited to your skin and type of skin spot.

Bear in mind that you must avoid solar radiation when undergoing the treatment. Therefore, the autumn-winter season is the optimal period to start.  

What is a facial depigmentation product?

A facial depigmentation product is a cosmetic formulated to eliminate the excess melanin accumulated in the most superficial layers of the skin for a brighter and more uniform appearance.

Each depigmentation product acts differently: some simply exfoliate the skin to eliminate superficial spots, whereas others are able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and eliminate the accumulated pigmentation deposits. 

How and when to use a facial depigmentation product

Here are some tips to start using facial depigmentation products:  

  • You can apply them in the morning and at night, and you should not use other products either before or after, to ensure their effectiveness. If you apply them in the morning, remember to use sunscreen. 
  • After applying the product, it is very important to wash your hands well in order to prevent the cream from coming into contact with sensitive areas.  
  • On the next morning, we must not forget to protect the skin from the sun with a wide-spectrum sun protection

Which facial pigmentation product should I choose?

Remember that before choosing the appropriate depigmentation product, you must first visit a professional to study your particular case and advise you according to the characteristics of your skin and type of skin spot.

Eliminate your skin spots following a professional depigmentation treatment

cosmelan® is the reference professional depigmentation treatment due to its high efficacy in eliminating skin spots and controlling their reappearance.

The results are visible from the first in-cabin session and improve day by day when following the at-home protocol. The treatment lasts approximately six months. 

Before and after results: cosmelan® depigmentation treatment

Don't miss these cosmelan® before and after results:

Before Before

Are you looking for a medical depigmentation treatment?

In this case, dermamelan® is a unique medical depigmentation treatment thanks to its dual action of removing existing skin spots and preventing their reappearance in the short and long term.

facial depigmentation product

The treatment begins with a session in consultation, where the doctor applies the intensive depigmenting mask and the patient leaves with the mask on, letting it act for four hours. Following this consultation phase, the patient must follow the at-home protocol, which consists of applying a depigmenting mask and a series of soothing and repairing products. The treatment lasts approximately four months.

Before and after results: dermamelan® medical depigmentation treatment

Here are some dermamelan® before and after cases:

Before Before

Attenuate your skin spots at home by incorporating a home facial depigmentation product 

If your skin spots are not too severe or you simply wish to maintain the results obtained from a depigmentation treatment, the melan tran3x line of products will help you attenuate and control the skin spots thanks to its action mechanism, which works at different depths.

The range consists of two complementary products:

melan tran3x concentrate is a concentrate that attenuates the darker skin spots, and melan tran3x gel cream is a daily depigmenting cream that gradually acts on the skin spots and provides a more homogeneous skin tone. 

Control your skin spots every day with a specific sun protection 

Skin spots tend to reappear if you do not take measures to avoid it. Therefore, we recommend using a very high factor and wide-spectrum sun protection every day, even if the day is not particularly sunny.  

If you wish to prevent skin spots as well as hide existing ones with a touch of colour, mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control is the sun protection you are looking for. This filter doubles the minimum protection required in SPF 50+ photoprotectors and helps you control melanin production and, therefore, skin spots. The entire mesoprotech® range of products offers wide-spectrum sun protection that adapts to various skin types (oily, sensitive, dry, combination, normal or with skin spots).

facial depigmentation product

Are you looking for the depigmentation treatment best suited to you? Consult a doctor or professional to receive a correct diagnosis.  

Please always consult a healthcare professional to analyse your particular case.