Summer is the time for holidays, trips, fun… And, often, also for facial sunspots. But the latter need not be the case; fortunately, the latest advances in cosmetic dermatology have produced innovative and effective products and treatments that help prevent their appearance, taking care of your skin.

In this article we will be explaining what these spots are from a dermatological point of view, why they appear and, especially, how we can reduce and prevent them in an efficient way. With this in mind, here are some of our dermo-aesthetic solutions.

What are sunspots?

Among the different types of skin spots that can appear due to several factors and that have various characteristics, spots caused and enhanced by the sun, especially on the face, are the most frequent.

Spots, or hyperpigmentation, are an excessive, irregular and localised accumulation of melanin (pigment) that is triggered by various extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

The most common skin spots are:

  • Melasma: Also known as chloasma, they are irregular, brown spots of hormonal origin that can be enhanced by sun exposure.
  • Solar o senile lentigo: These different coloured spots are caused by the combination of skin aging and sun exposure.
  • Ephelides: The typical congenital freckles increase with age, but also become more visible when exposed to the sun.

Why they appear

Solar radiation is undoubtedly the main trigger when it comes to the appearance of spots of melanic origin. And we underline “trigger”, because it is very common that the sun colludes with other factors: age, genetics, hormonal changes or exposure to aggressive environmental factors.

These benign alterations, which are also very common ―90% of the Caucasian population aged over 50 have them―, appear when the ultraviolet (UV) radiation activates the melanocytes in our skin and we are not able to properly regulate the melanin they produce. This is why we find them more on the face, arms or neckline, which are the areas most exposed to sunlight.

How to remove facial sunspots

Within our wide range of products that deal with spots and hyperpigmentation, there are some solutions that have been specifically designed for facial sunspots, as well as other types of spots

Professional depigmentation treatments

When considerable spots appear, we recommend requesting professional advice at a certified medical-aesthetic centre to seek the most suitable solution in each case. These centres provide professional treatments.

  • cosmelan® is a highly effective professional depigmentation method that has a corrective and regulating action, with visible effects as of the first week, and which is supplemented with an application guideline of cosmeceuticals.

  • dermamelan® is a medical depigmenting method that removes spots and acts by preventing their reappearance in the short and long term. In this case, a home protocol is followed after the in-cabin session.

Home treatment: melan tran3x

Beyond the professional treatments, there are other options to complete the in-cabin results: melan tran3x is the depigmenting line that removes spots by acting at different depths and includes two products for home use that act synergistically:

  • melan tran3x gel cream, a daily depigmenting cream that gradually acts on skin spots, providing a more homogeneous skin tone.

And for prevention purposes, use mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control

In the category of photoprotectors, mesoprotech® complex is a broad-spectrum sunblock: UVA, UVB (SPF 50+) for all skin types. In addition, it contains azeloglycine, an active ingredient that helps with pigment control.