We are going to tell you what tranexamic acid is and the benefits it brings when treating skin spots.

If you have skin spots and you would like to eliminate or attenuate them, you've most likely heard of tranexamic acid and its depigmenting power. Here we will tell you about this active ingredient, which is increasingly used in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine, and how to add it to your facial care routine.

What is exactly tranexamic acid?

Tranexamic acid is a substance with a procoagulant action, that is, it acts by avoiding hemorrhages, which is why it is commonly used in Medicine to control or prevent heavy bleeding.

It has been incorporated recently to the world of Cosmetics, Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine thanks to an additional benefit evidenced by clinical studies: it regulates the formation process of skin spots.

Tranexamic acid for skin spots

Tranexamic acid acts on all types of melanic-type spots, but thanks to its action mechanism, it is especially indicated for the most resistant and recurring spots, such as melasma, which is has a vascular component.

Tranexamic acid acts on 3 pathways that are directly related to the formation of skin spots:

  • On melanocytes, regulating the cellular mechanisms involved in the formation of skin spots, by avoiding and reducing pigment formation.
  • On keratinocytes, which are the cells that contain the melanin pigment. It interrupts the inflammatory process that favors the formation of spots and that can appear following external aggressions or skin lesions, such as acne, or certain medical-aesthetic treatments, such as laser treatments.
  • On blood vessel cells. It acts by reducing the excessive vascularization typical of certain hyperpigmentation, such as melasma.

Few active ingredients act directly on three pathways related to the formation of skin spots. This makes tranexamic acid the perfect active ingredient to complement other well-known depigmenting active ingredients, creating further synergy. In addition, when administered topically, tranexamic acid has no substantial contraindications and is easily tolerated.

Is tranexamic acid as effective as a peeling or laser treatment?

Laser and peeling treatments are efficient on melanin deposits, making them ideal as a first step for correcting skin spots, but they are not sufficient. Applying active ingredients and treatments that have an effect on regulating the overproduction of spots, that is the actual source of the problem, is essential. If they are not treated at their origin, the spots will reappear with ease. In this sense, at mesoestetic® we rely on treatments like cosmelan® or dermamelan®, with a dual action that helps eliminate spots by means of a comprehensive treatment.

mesoestetic®'s depigmentation formulas with tranexamic acid

mesoestetic® has home solutions and professional depigmentation treatments that include tranexamic acid as a key ingredient.

melan tran3x

melan tran3x is the home depigmenting program that incorporates a cream-gel and a concentrate. While the gel-cream attenuates the pigmentation and prevents the appearance of skin spots, the intensive concentrate progressively eliminates the melanin, acting on the darker spots.

mesopeel® melanostop tran3x

mesopeel® melanostop tran3x is the professional peeling treatment that corrects deep or moderate hyperpigmentation.

Especially developed to treat skin spots, this peeling treatment accelerates the skin's peeling, rebalances the activity of melanocytes, and inhibits tyrosinase and the inflammatory and vascular components of hyperpigmentation.

The treatment consists of 5 sessions spread out over 15 days for optimal results.

c.prof 210 depigmentation solution

c.prof 210 depigmentation solution is the transepidermal depigmentation solution that eliminates melanin deposits in the epidermis, regulates the formation of skin spots and inhibits the inflammatory and vascular components of hyperpigmentation.

Its application by microneedling provides optimal efficacy, as in addition to the solutions' properties, the manual stimulation of the needle promotes collagen synthesis.

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