Do you have dark spots on your skin? We’ll tell you where different types of spots come from and how to remove or lighten them.

dark spots on the face

What are brown spots on the skin?

Skin spots are one of the leading aesthetic concerns because they have a direct impact on the quality of life and self-esteem of those who have them. There are different types of spots, and it is essential to distinguish between them before starting any depigmentation treatment. 

Most spots are caused by melanin, meaning they are the result of excess production of this pigment. Within this category, the main types of skin spots are melasma, PIH, liver or age spots and freckles.

A doctor's diagnosis is essential to differentiate between melanin-related spots that can be treated with depigmentation methods, and other types of spots such as melanoma, angiomas, vitiligo, etc.

Why do dark spots appear on the skin?

Hyperpigmentation is a natural mechanism to protect the skin against UV radiation. Sunlight is the main cause for the appearance of skin spots since it triggers an overproduction of melanin, while also enhancing the effect of any other triggering factor. It is ultimately responsible for all types of melanin-related spots. It also intensifies the coloration of existing spots such as freckles, liver or age spots, melasma and PIH.  

Other factors also contribute to the appearance of dark spots: 

  • Aging skin: after the age of 40, disorders involving the production and distribution of melanin increase, leading to age spots that are more frequent in areas exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, hands and arms.

  • Inflammatory processes: processes such as acne and burns, or certain cosmetic treatments such as laser or chemical exfoliation, could darken the skin due to the inflammation they cause. The result is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), a type of spot that is especially frequent in dark skin. 

  • Genetic predisposition: specific genetic factors predispose certain people to develop abnormal skin pigmentation. Exposure to sunlight often makes these anomalies more visible. Such is the case of freckles, which are particularly common in people with light skin and red hair. 

  • Photosensitizing medication: some drugs can cause photosensitivity, resulting in the appearance of skin spots. This occurs with drugs such as ibuprofen, contraceptives, antihistamines, etc. 

  • Exposure to chemical agents: certain chemicals such as perfumes, deodorants or oils can cause phototoxicity, which may be the source behind some hyperpigmentation. 

  • Hormonal fluctuations: female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone) stimulate the overproduction of melanin when the skin is exposed to the sun and can lead to melasma, which is the most common type of spot during hormonal changes.

How can dark spots on the face be removed?

At mesoestetic®, we are specialists in depigmentation. Over 30 years of research have enabled us to advance our proven and effective professional solutions, such as our treatments for dark spots on the face, dermamelan® and cosmelan®, as well as other solutions for home use, like melan tran3x concentrate and melan tran3x gel cream.

  • dermamelan® is a medical depigmenting product that treats skin spots and regulates the overproduction of melanin, inhibiting and controlling the reappearance of new long-term spots. It involves a single medical consultation and a cosmetic routine defined by the medical professional to be done at home, with results after 4 months of treatment.

  • cosmelan® is the world's leading professional depigmenting method, with a 30-year track record on the market. It removes existing spots and prevents them from reappearing, for short- and long-term results. It combines a single cabin session with a cosmetic regime to be performed at home, as defined by the cosmetic professional, and lasts approximately 6 months.

  • melan tran3x is a depigmenting treatment for home use composed of two synergistic products, a concentrate and a cream gel, which act gradually to lighten spots and keep them from reappearing. Its main active is tranexamic acid. It is perfect for enhancing and maintaining the results obtained after treatments with dermamelan® and cosmelan®.

Are you looking for a treatment to remove skin spots? Discover the best depigmentation products for dark spots and let your doctor or cosmetic professional advise you on the one that is right for your skin and spot type.