Would you like to get rid of dark spots on your face and prevent them from reappearing? We give you the keys to keeping hyperpigmentation under control.

how to get rid of dark spots

Dark spots on the skin are one of the main aesthetic concerns as they directly affect the quality of life and self-esteem of those who have them. Although it is more prevalent in women, hyperpigmentation is a problem that also affects men and can be solved.

1. Eliminate or reduce your spots with a depigmenting treatment:

The first step is to remove dark spots at the root!

dermamelan® is the medical depigmentation method that progressively remove dark spots by acting on the pigment accumulated on the surface of the skin, as well as on the cellular root of the problem. Its worldwide reference method offers optimal results in the elimination of skin blemishes and maintains the results in the long term.

How does it work?

dermamelan® consists of two phases:

- Medical consultation phase: after an appropriate diagnosis by the medical professional, the treatment begins with a first session in a medical consultation. It consists of the superimposition of two synergistic professional masks that offer an intensive depigmenting action.

- Home phase: this phase lasts 4 months and begins 48-72 hours after the consultation phase. It consists of the daily application of 3 complementary action products that maintain the depigmenting action and intensify the regulating action, to treat the root of the problem and offer a more complete and long-lasting result.

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There are also other depigmenting methods, such as cosmelan®: ask your professional for advice.

2. Reduce and control the dark spots:

After completing a depigmentation treatment, your doctor may recommend a depigmentation program to enhance the results: melan tran3x is the latest generation depigmentation program with tranexamic acid that helps to correct pigmentation imperfections. It consists of a concentrate and a cream gel to act on excess epidermal pigmentation and provide a more even skin tone.

These products can also be used separately from the depigmentation treatment in the case of less severe blemishes.

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3. Prevent the reappearance of spots:

Hyperpigmentation has a tendency to reappear if it is not controlled. It is therefore essential to use a very high sun protection indicated for skins with pigmentation imperfections such as melan 130 pigment control.

This sunscreen doubles the minimum protection required in photoprotectors 50+. It helps regulate melanin synthesis providing a preventive anti-spot action and is water-resistant. You'll love it for its touch of colour!

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You already know the keys to remove and prevent dark spots on the skin. If you already know that you want to try a depigmentation treatment, but you still don't know when, remember that anti-spot treatments should not be carried out in summer as exposure to the sun is harmful. The best time is autumn and winter.

And don't forget that a doctor's diagnosis is essential before committing to any treatment. Make an appointment with a specialist and forget about the dark spots!