Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The mission of mesoestetic Pharma Group is to provide customers and professionals with safe, innovative and effective cosmetics, medical devices, drugs and food supplements; defining integral solutions which provide esthetical medicine sector with added value and which improves aesthetics and the quality of life of end users.

Customers are our main priority and the central point of our efforts, we are deeply compromised with their satisfaction – and the rest of our interested parties- thus providing them with products and services of the highest quality. In this way, our daily work is based on our vocation and passion to assume new challenges to innovate, develop, manufacture and successfully commercialize products and services which cover market requirements and customer satisfaction.

General Management leadership and compromise promotes a quality management system to guarantee the suitability and effectiveness of our processes and bases its strategy investing in research and development to continuously improve either our products and services.

To ensure business and quality company strategies ruled by General Management, our own workers are our main active. They allow to accomplish our strategic goals: production of excellent products and thus the satisfaction of our customers and interested parties. In this way, the company ensures the competence of its own workers providing the necessary training and promoting a competitive career development inside the company throughout accurate training plans.

Quality strategy, besides being a business engine and a competitive advantage on the achievement of our customers satisfaction (either internal or external); guarantees compliance with national and international standards and regulations required from health authorities and notified bodies. mesoestetic complies with the following ones: EU Regulation 1223/2009 (cosmetics regulation), Council Directive 93/42/EEC on Medical Devices, EU Regulation 2017/745, ANVISA RDC 665/2022 Technical Regulation of Good Manufacturing Practices of Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostic Devices, Directive 2003/94/EC which lay down the principles and guidelines of GMP practices in medicinal products for human use, and the standards on quality ISO 22716:2007 on cosmetics GMP practices, ISO 13485:2016 on Quality Management systems for Medical Devices and GMP certification.


The quality policy defined by mesoestetic Pharma Group is our guideline to ensure our compromise and role as an ethically and social responsible company.