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cosmelan® is a professional depigmentation method which has an intensive corrective effect on skin hyperpigmentations whilst regulating the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new dark spots. Its efficacy is based on its double mechanism of action that on the one part has a corrective effect, eliminating the hyperpigmentation and, on the other, a regulating effect, controlling the overproduction of melanin and in this way preventing the appearance of new spots in the long term.

Over one million patients worldwide and thousands of professionals endorse cosmelan® as the preferred depigmentation method to treat the most severe and resistant hyperpigmentations with maximum dermal efficacy and safety.

skin spots

Spots are a common problem, triggered by multiple external and internal factors: genetic predisposition, sun radiation, inflammatory conditions, hormonal changes, aging, exposure to chemicals and photosensitising drugs.

There are several types of spots according to their shape, intensity, tone, area of appearance and triggering factors:


Due to hormonal changes or contraceptive treatments.

Cheeks, upper lip, forehead and chin

Solar and senile lentigo

Due to occasional or cumulative sun overexposure, in particular with age (photoaging) in the areas with a greater sun exposure.

Face, back of the hands, décolletage.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

After inflammatory conditions: acne, depilation, aggressive treatments, etc.

Higher risk in dark skins.

Located on the face and body

Ephelides (freckles)

Characteristic of clear skin and with a strong genetic component.

Face and body.

cosmelan®: what is it and what does it consist of?

cosmelan® is a depigmenting method that removes spots fully and prevents their reappearance for a short-term outcome, while being able to maintain hyperpigmentations under control for a longlasting outcome.

The cosmelan® method consists of 4-phases which are necessary to achieve the target outcome.

Intense depigmentation in cabin in phase 1 and treatment for home use in phases 2, 3 and 4.

Efficacy studies support its success in all types of skin, hyperpigmentations and ethnicities.

cosmelan®: how does it work?

cosmelan® is a unique combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy that acts on the entire process of spot formation to remove the accumulation of melanin and inhibit the formation of new spots.

The dual corrective and regulating action makes it a unique, all-round treatment.


Acceleration of epidermis renewal in order to remove melanin accumulation.

Reduced amount of the melanin formed, decreasing the intensity of the spot.


Block of melanin transfer from the melanocyte to the keratinocyte, avoiding migration of the pigment to the uppermost layers

Reduction in melanin synthesis inside melanocytes.

Treatment results

Before Before
Reduction of hyperpigmentation and improvement of the texture and appearance of the skin. Melasma (phototype I-III)
Before Before
Reduction of hyperpigmentation and improvement of the texture and appearance of the skin. Senile lentigo (phototype I-III)
Home care
  1. Home pack for the cosmelan® method. Contains the products to follow the home protocol of the cosmelan® professional method and complete the depigmenting action for removing and/or reducing spots of melanic origin.

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  2. cosmelan 2 is a home cream whose main action is the attenuation and control of acquired skin pigmentation imperfections of melanic origin, located on the face.

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  3. cosmelan® is a integral professional depigmentation method for your spots.

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