We’re going to explain the causes of hyperpigmentation in the intimate area and present you with the most efficient depigmenting solution available: dermamelan® intimate.

Increasing attention is being paid to a phenomenon that has a significant impact on the psychological well-being of women and that is indirectly affecting their sex life: the darkening of the intimate area. Luckily, there are highly effective depigmenting methods for the intimate area.

This concern has arisen at the same time as the development of other aspects of aesthetic gynecology that address female sexual health, genital harmony and the rejuvenation of the intimate area. In this article we are going to focus on the latter of these topics by looking into genital hyperpigmentation and its solutions.

Hyperpigmentation in the intimate area: why does it happen?

The cause of this hyperpigmentation resides in hormonal activity, mainly of estrogen, which especially occurs during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. But other factors also intervene: dark phototypes, the use of contraceptives, some epilation techniques (hot wax and laser), tight clothing and friction favor this darkening.

Among the body parts most affected by the action of melanocytes are the genitourinary-perianal area, perianal area, groin, inner thighs and mons pubis. This is to some degree normal, but it can cause upset and discomfort in the affected women as regards their body and sexuality, which can be avoided.

Like in other cases of hyperpigmentation, which mainly occur on the face, the darkening and appearance of spots are caused by an overproduction of melanin.

A state-of-the-art intimate depigmentation product

The most recent advances in aesthetic gynecology allow us to treat the hyperpigmentation of the genital area in an efficient but non-aggressive way , without requiring medication or hormones, by simultaneously: removing existing spots and preventing the appearance of new ones.

dermamelan® intimate

How it's done

The medical-aesthetic procedures for genital whitening are based on a gentle peeling or exfoliating treatment; in other words, they eliminate the most superficial layer of the epidermis by means of a controlled application of acids together with other regenerating substances.

Indeed, due to involving a peeling treatment, we recommend using the professional services of a medical center, as we will see below where we detail the treatment. And, it goes without saying, we must only use products endorsed by expert gynecologists.

dermamelan® intimate: the number one solution

Our advice is clear: undergo a state-of-the-art depigmenting treatment, for both its scientific innovation and its wide acceptance among medical and aesthetic professionals (and, of course, among the patients who experience its effectiveness).

dermamelan® intimate is an intimate depigmentation treatment with a dual action: corrective and regulating. It is carried out in two phases: a guideline in consultation for intensive treatment and a guideline at home to consolidate the effects on the regulation of melanocyte secretion.

  • Guideline in consultation: the protocol in consultation involves five steps, each one relying on a product specifically designed to carry out a different function: protection, exfoliation, neutralization, depigmentation and occlusion.

  • Guideline at home: at home, the protocol is easier to follow, involving just three steps (removal of the product, application of a calming mask and application of a gentle exfoliating depigmentation gel).

The treatment is completed with a follow-up visit to an expert doctor.

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