aesthetic gynecology


At mesoestetic® we develop specific solutions aimed at the recovery of women's intimate health and well-being.

aesthetic gynecology

Aesthetic, regenerative and functional gynecology is a recently emerging medical subspeciality, which deals with problems concerning the health, well-being and intimate aspect of women. As traditionally reported, these conditions are common during the Climaterium stage of a woman's life because of the important role oestrogens play in their appearance.

Vulvovaginal atrophy, which affects the external genitalia as well as the lower urogenital tract, and whose most usual symptoms are vaginal dryness, lack of lubrication or the appearance of recurrent vaginitis due to changes in pH, is especially frequent. All of this has a direct consequence on women's sexual function and their urogenital and intimate health.

In addition, other factors affect the appearance and functionality of the outer area such as loss of tissue volume, tissue fat and skin hyperpigmentation.

At mesoestetic® we work to restore women's comfort and quality of life by improving functionality and comfort and thus restoring their quality of life.