depigmenting medical treatment

the world’s leading medical-aesthetic depigmenting method

Topical depigmentation method applied medically to treat melanin skin spots.

dermamelan® is the depigmenting method that provides an intensive corrective action on skin hyperpigmentations while regulating melanin overproduction in melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling reappearance of new spots.

The dermamelan® method consists of a protocol comprising 4 phases which are necessary to achieve the target outcome. Intensive depigmentation in office in phase 1 and treatment for home use in phases 2, 3 and 4.

dermamelan® formula has a unique combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy,1-6 that act on all phases of the hyperpigmentation process to remove totally the existing hyperpigmentations and prevent their reappearance, as well as the appearance of new spots.

- A long track record supports the efficacy of dermamelan®, even in the most resistant hyperpigmentations.

- A unique dual acting solution: corrective on the melanin formed and regulatory on the melanocyte, for short and long-term efficacy.

- Studies in vitro and in vivo show the efficacy of treatment in all phototypes, hyperpigmentations and ethnicities.

- Thousands of specialists treat hyperpigmentations with dermamelan® method for its efficacy and low risk of PIH.

- High patient satisfaction after the first week of treatment, with a visible, long-lasting effect.

Treatment results

Before Before
Reduction of hyperpigmentation and improvement of the texture and appearance of the skin. Melasma (phototype I-III)
Before Before
Reduction of hyperpigmentation and improvement of the texture and appearance of the skin. Melasma (phototype I-III)


Phase 1: intensive depigmenting action performed in cabin.

dermamelan® mask:

depigmenting mask with an intensive action


Mask removal at home.

After the time indicated by the professional, rinse the product out with plenty of warm water, avoiding direct contact with the eyes.

Phase 2: continuous depigmentation

Duration: 1 month. Start 48h after removing the dermamelan mask.
Apply the dermamelan treatment 3 times a day (morning, midday and night). Uniformly apply the dermamelan treatment over clean, dry skin. Then apply a generous amount of melan recovery on the face, with a massage until complete absorption. End the routine by applying melan 130 pigment control during the daytime applications.

Phase 3: hyperpigmentation regulation

Duration: 2 months. Apply the dermamelan treatment in the morning and night followed by melan recovery and melan 130 pigment control during the daytime. In case of sun exposure, reapply the sun protection at midday.

Phase 4: reappearance control

Duration: 3 months. Apply dermamelan treatment at night, followed by melan recovery. At daytime, apply melan 130 pigment control and reapply in case of direct sun exposure. You must constantly use an effective sunscreen like melan 130 pigment

Online sales are not allowed. Not applicable at home. It should always be done under the supervision of a professional in an authorized center.

Additional Information

Skin type all.
Application area face.
Procedure spots and hyperpigmentation.

Treatment information

Disorders of melanin pigmentation

Pigmentation concerns are a growing, global issue; they affect more than 90% of adults over the age of 50. Regardless of skin color, they are a significant issue because of their unattractive appearance and negative psychological and emotional impact, affecting quality of life. Melanogenesis is influenced by both exogenous and endogenous factors that can lead to a localized overproduction of melanin. This excess of melanin translates into unsightly spots of pigmentation, which in the majority of cases are harmless. They are acquired skin spots, different from those with a genetic origin.