The new bodyshock® range is the line of products that treats the main silhouette alterations in a personalized way: cellulite, localized fat, flaccidity and stretch marks.

The aesthetic alterations of the silhouette mainly affect women and are a result of many causes, such as age, hormonal factors, genetic predisposition and sedentary or unhealthy lifestyles. In addition, they affect each patient differently, which makes a personalized treatment essential to ensure a successful outcome.

Among the main alterations of the silhouette are the following:

  • Cellulite: cellulite is an alteration of subcutaneous cell tissue that, due to a vascular problem, results in fluid and toxin retention, build-up of fatty deposits and disruption of connective tissue. Due to metabolic and structural disorders, there are many causes of cellulite. There are three types of cellulite depending on the origin and its manifestations, and each must be treated differently. A personalized treatment allows each patient, along with each type of degree of cellulite, to be considered individually, thus maximizing the therapeutic response.
    • Hard or compact cellulite.
    • Soft or flaccid cellulite.
    • Oedematous cellulite.
  • Localized fat: build-up of fat, in a certain area of the body, which causes increased volume.
  • Flaccidity: decreased ability to synthesize fibroblasts, leading to a decrease in collagen and elastin. Drop in the quantity and quality of the structural elements that support the dermis.
  • Stretch marks: cutaneous atrophy in the form of white or purplish sinuous lines associated with continuous and sustained stretching of the skin.

Discover the anti-cellulite and reducing solutions in the bodyshock® range:

The bodyshock® range includes home solutions and professional treatments for a fully personalized treatment of the various alterations of the silhouette. Ideally, the product and a professional treatment should be combined to achieve optimal results and improve the silhouette.

Would you like to undergo a professional treatment? Find your nearest center.

Would you like to try the anti-cellulite and reducing solutions in the home range? Find the product that best suits your needs:

Two-phase concentrate indicated for localized fat

bodyshock intensive mist is a two-phase booster in mist format with intensive lipolytic that acts by reducing the fat located in trouble areas, like the belly and hips.  It provides a sense of immediate and progressive activation that intensifies when doing sport.

To enhance the results, we recommend applying before physical exercise and/or before using the products bodyshock® celluxpert, bodyshock® firm’up y bodyshock essential cream.

Refreshing cream-gel to treat cellulite

bodyshock celluxpert is a refreshing cream-gel indicated to prevent cellulite formation and reduce orange peel skin while moisturizing and helping firm up the skin. In addition, its headpiece enhances the penetration of the active ingredients and improves microcirculation thanks to a mini glass roll-on with an ON/OFF system.

Firming cream for areas with flaccidity

bodyshock firm’up is a firming cream indicated to treat areas with flaccidity and loss of turgor. The massage roller increases the absorption of the active ingredients, enhancing the formula's efficacy and providing a firmer and more toned skin.

Moisturizing cream to mitigate stretch marks and prevent their appearance

bodyshock essential cream is a quick absorbing cream that provides an immediate feeling of freshness and softness, while moisturizing and protecting. Its formula with regenerating and repairing ingredients helps mitigate and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

All the range's reducing and anti-cellulite formulas are endorsed by proven results with encapsulated active ingredients to enhance their conduction and release in the therapeutic target.

The bodyshock® range can be purchased on website of mesoestetic® and at medical-aesthetic centers.