Concerns: cellulite, stretch marks, orange peel skin… Solution? Exercise, eat well and pray a lot. STOP! mesoestetic doesn’t want to reel off all the cosmetic hang-ups you have with your body. The

 Now that the good weather's arrived and we've started peeling back the layers, all those concerns that lay hidden with the cold winter temperatures are back to torment us. There's no use blaming that to-die-for dessert now; the solution begins by identifying the cosmetic problem we want to treat and then finding the right solution.

bodyshock salon

The bodyshock professional treatment consists of a combination of active ingredients that can be fully tailored to each patient and their daily needs, accompanied by 6 exclusive mesoestetic massage techniques that increase the effectiveness of the treatment and promote the penetration of the active ingredients through the epidermis.

New for 2018, the pharmaceutical firm presents bodyshock stretchmarks booster, a new concentrate created for the specific treatment of stretch marks in addition to any of the current treatments. The professional treatments are carried out in 10 sessions taking place over 5 weeks (2 sessions per week), split into 5 stages:

  1.        Diagnosis: to customise the treatment as far as possible, tailoring the sessions to the day-to-day needs of the patient.
  2.        Preparation of the skin: with cleansing and mechanical exfoliation for deeper penetration of the active ingredients.
  3.        Customising: preparation of specific cocktails for each patient and application with the pharmaceutical firm's exclusive massage techniques.
  4.        Boosting: application of post-treatment masks with a reshaping or firming effect.
  5.        Intensification: application of bodyshock intensifying cream through a light and pleasant massage until it has been completely absorbed.

Besides bodyshock salon sessions, professionals can boost the results of these treatments even further by combining them with Genesis technology, mesoestetic’s revolutionary aesthetic medicine device. With the combined action of 4 technologies (Capacitive RF, Capacitive RF with LED, Resistive RF and Smart Transdermal Delivery) and the pharmacological effect of the exclusive Genesis boosters, the results of the treatment are greatly intensified and patients can enjoy a very pleasurable and relaxing session.

bodyshock at home

Home maintenance is key when it comes to boosting and prolonging salon results. The new bodyshock reduce&go spray helps to combat stubborn cellulite around the waist, abdomen and sides; bodyshock local reducer and bodyshock night reducer help tackle areas of localised fat and promote drainage, while the continued application of bodyshock push-up helps to restore the firmness and elasticity of the tissues, particularly on the breasts and buttocks.