From mesoestetic we confirm it: they work, and they are your best ally to boost the results of your workout routines.

do slimming creams really work

We do not have to imagine that the product penetrates to where the fat is deposited, we know this is not possible – but we must bear in mind that the skin reacts by stimuli.

Thanks to the receptive function of the skin, when a product is applied topically with an active ingredient, such as l-Carnitine, it is effective for the following reasons:

  1. A cascade reaction is triggered: the product’s assets activate the cellular receptors in the skin, which are the ones that will perform the function of helping to fulfil the reducing action.
  2. The application of a topical product, by itself, already visibly improves the quality and texture of the skin by providing hydration, improving elasticity and its general condition. Cellulite is found  in the deep layer, but it is on the surface where we see it (and where it bothers us).
  3. The massage that we carry out when applying the product favours circulation, achieving fat metabolism and promoting drainage and the elimination of toxins.

Still, we realise not all products work when people say they do. At mesoestetic® we develop cosmeceutical products (cosmetics manufactured under pharmaceutical quality standards). And as a pharmaceutical company, we formulate products with a high concentration of active ingredients and we have access to specific technologies that make them highly effective.

Effective slimming and firming creams

Whatever your choice, from mesoestetic® we offer you a routine with the best slimming creams that will help enhance the effect of your daily exercise and achieve the results you are looking for more quickly:

Before training…

Before starting your exercise session, spray the bodyshock® intensive mist on the area of the body you wish to treat. It will help define and improve the appearance of your silhouette. In addition, its combination with milk thistle extract, caffeine and Arnica extract will visibly attenuate the imperfections caused by cellulite.

It is normal that after applying it you have a sensation of intense heat or tingling, that means that the product is taking effect!

You can also apply it as a booster prior to the bodyshock® celluxpert, bodyshock® firm'up and bodyshock® essential cream products to enhance the results.

At mesoestetic® we have a large catalog of effective slimming creams to treat those alterations that you want to improve to feel even better about yourself.

And if you are looking for maximum results in reshaping your silhouette, discover the mesoestetic® bodyshock® aesthetic body treatment.