January is the month of purposes, with the end of Christmas and the return to routine our body asks for a specific care that helps us feel well. Do you want to leave behind Christmas excess? In mesoestetic we have the solution for you to feel well with yourself and get back to good habits.

Forget about express diets and miraculous juices that promise to renew you in and out. During the post-Christmas period you will probably feel more swollen and uncomfortable, but it is not always a matter of a weight gain, the body just needs to return to normal and recover its natural balance.


In mesoestetic we propose you to listen to your body: follow a healthy diet, sleep 8 hours a day and activate yourself. Yes, these are the old tips, that, together with added help such as food supplements, are the perfect formula for you to feel well again.


Care from the inside


mesoestetic nutraceutics help your body eliminate toxins, feel lighter and energetic and also reinforce the results of your topical treatments. Discover which of our nutraceutics is the solution for your specific needs.





Grascontrol is a nutritional programme that will help you maintain your ideal weight. Food supplements that enhance gastrointestinal processes in a healthy and natural manner.


Grascontrol® L-Carnitine


This food supplement enhances the transport of fatty acids into the cell, where they are used for obtaining energy. Ideal to complement physical exercise sessions, as they help the body accelerate the metabolism and burning of fat and cause a feeling of energy increase.


Grascontrol® Artichoke Extract


How to end fluid retention? Grascontrol® Artichoke Extract is a food supplement with cleansing action, indicated to treat and prevent fluid retention, fat accumulation or bloated feeling, in addition to helping reduce cholesterol levels.


Grascontrol® Dual effect


If you do not know which of the two above supplements your body needs, maybe you need a dual effect. This food supplement with synergistic effect promotes normal gastrointestinal processes and bowel movements, while enhancing the metabolism of fats and the increase of muscle tone. It helps the body cleanse, has an antioxidant action and increases body fat burning.




If you also want a shock action to treat silhouette disorders, bodyshock is what you are searching for. For a 360° action, the line includes 3 cosmeceutics for topical application and 2 nutraceutics for oral administration.


bodyshock reducer pills


These capsules treat fat accumulation from the inside, inhibiting absorption and accumulation in the tissues. It provides a smoother, uniform skin by combating fluid retention and adipocytes.


bodyshock slim-up! reducer


It is an intensive oral supplement to combat quickly localised fatty deposits. It is recommended to combine this product with bodyshock professional treatment.


Say bye bye to Christmas! It is the time to care for you in and out and to enjoy feeling well with your routine.