Those connected 100% to social networks already know it, but what is #mesoesteticexperience? Under this hashtag mesoestetic holds an event already in its 2nd edition in the city of Barcelona. The most representative digital profiles of the social networks attended this event to strengthen the trust relationship with the brand and better know both the products and professional treatments of pharmaceutics.

11 December, Hotel Mandarin Oriental of Barcelona and over 100 guests who did not want to miss an event where the only objective of mesoestetic was to care for them and thanked them for their loyalty. This day is for them!

At 19 hours the first guests started to arrive at the Blanc del Mandarin hall, a large photocall simulating a box with one of the most symbolic products of the portfolio, aox ferulic, welcomed them and invited them to play with the big size products distributed along the space.

A cascade of over 500 balloons where the hashtag of the event could be read, #mesoesteticexperience, was falling from the ceiling of the room and gathered the set of DJ Aldo Comas that at the front of the mixture board made all guests dance in a single session that made the night a unique, unrepeatable event.

Although the environment was that of a celebration, mesoestetic wanted to convey the values that identify it and position it as a leader company in the aesthetics medicine sector. The message of feeling good with oneself got through the guests and the importance of self-care and choosing specific treatments needed by the skin to obtain the maximum efficacy of mesoestetic treatments was underlined.

After this experience, guests who already knew mesoestetic have more resources to know how to care for themselves.

#mesoesteticexperience has filled Instagram profiles of all bloggers and influencers who wanted to share with their followers what they were living at the hotel Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona, a very special, fun night where skin was the real star.