mesoestetic® is an official sponsor of the Cap Roig Festival held at Costa Brava from 13 July to 22 August. The line-up of this year includes big national and international artists, and mesoestetic will play a major role in the concert of Damien Rice, an Irish singer-songwriter with a universal pop-folk style.



It is said that love is blind, but actually there are many other adjectives that define it better. Brave, unconscious, tireless. For it and thanks to it, people have made what others consider crazy things, projects that others thought impossible, initiatives that without passion or love would have never been imagined.

The story of places is written with the dreams and wishes of people who were part of them. Of their impulses, their effort, their work. Stories that over time take on a new significance, are transformed and accumulate new memories.

mesoestetic®'s story also starts from there, from the love for what we do, the passion for what we do. It has been our driving force for over 30 years and it still motivates us every day with renewed energies.

Our link with solidarity and cultural initiatives started a long time ago, almost before our foundation. This year is not different and throughout 2018 mesoestetic is performing several collaborations with different institutions.

One of them will take place in this corner of the Mediterranean: during the months of July and August we will be accompanying the summer nights of thousands of people who will come to enjoy the Cap Roig Festival and its musical and cultural offer.


Do you want to come and enjoy the festival with mesoestetic®?

mesoestetic® draws a double ticket (for you and a companion) to enjoy the Damien Rice concert next 29 July at 22:00.

How can you participate?

Subscribe to our newsletter before 8 July.

We will announce the winner on Monday 9 July. The draw will be held among all people registering on the list from today to the date indicated.

We will contact the winner through the e-mail used for the subscription.

If there is no answer, another winner will be selected.