The first step for an appropriate skin care is to know your skin, choose the specific products that must be included in the beauty routine and know how to apply them. In mesoestetic we have held an experience workshop for our best influencers and this has been the result.

Eleven deluxe guests, one exceptional mesoestetic trainer and eagerness to share tips, advice and experience in this event, with a single protagonist: the skin.

The experience workshop held in Madrid was also aimed at conveying the efficacy of mesoestetic professional experience to daily use products. Following a good routine is essential to obtain the best results: the hygiene phase enhances the action of active ingredients when applying the treatment and the protection prevents and controls the adverse effects of sun on the skin.

We prepared a table with individual sets where each guest could follow the advice of our trainer for a perfect step to step.

We talked about how to know which type of skin you have and how to discover its present condition.

We shared tips to apply correctly the products and thus maintain facial muscles in good shape.

We also explained why it is important to use a specific product for each function we want to achieve.

Protection also played an important role in the workshop.

And finally, we introduced the novelties and prepared a personalised pack for them to continue their self-care at home with mesoestetic.