facial moisturising

facial moisturising


A range formulated to prevent dehydration that is suited to the needs of each skin type.

Range formulated to prevent dehydration

Dehydration is a transitory state of the skin that can affect all types of skin (dry, oiled and combination), and it is noted for an insufficient presence of water in the epidermis.

Water is one of the main components of the skin. It provides turgor and elasticity, and it helps preserve the barrier function's integrity and, therefore, its protective function. In optimal conditions there is between 10% and 20% of water in the stratum corneum, which is the most superficial layer of the skin, but when the natural mechanisms responsible for maintaining the skin's hydration level become altered by factors such as age, stress, hormonal changes, environmental factors and so on, they cause a dull skin, irregular texture, tightness, deeper wrinkles, and even scaling and skin sensitivity.

mesoestetic® has developed a range of solutions that goes beyond hydration: moisturising solutions. As a result of understanding all the mechanisms involved in the skin hydration process, we offer solutions that suit the needs of each skin type with the aim of preventing dehydration and keeping the skin in optimal functional and aesthetic conditions.

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