This is the self-care routine you will fall in love with.

This Valentine's Day, we invite you to disconnect, relax and dedicate a little time to yourself. ♡

We propose a Valentine's Day plan in which your skin will be the protagonist:

Let's start by creating a relaxing and calm environment so that you fall in love with your beauty routine. To do this, you can light some aromatic candles or play your favorite music in the background.

1. Deep cleansing always comes first:

Remove impurities and balance your skin's pH with the cleansing solutions range. There is a facial cleanser for every skin type, with different active ingredients and textures that will make your skin radiant. Discover yours!

2. After cleansing, it's time for exfoliation, an essential step to renew the skin's surface and eliminate dead cells:

ultimate micropeel is the micro-exfoliating treatment that refines texture, and boosts immediate radiance and smoothness. Worried about oily skin? Then choose pure renewing mask, the intensive purifying mask that exfoliates and cleanses the pore to prevent imperfections.

3. A good mask is an absolute must!

Applying a mask will give your skin exactly what it needs to notice results throughout the week. In addition, you can let the mask work while you enjoy a good book or your favorite music.

Dry, oily or sensitive skin? Take your pick.

4. Pamper your skin with moisturizing:

Discover the moisturising solutions range and find the moisturising cream or concentrate that best suits your skin type. Remember that this is an essential step to prevent skin aging and provide elasticity and firmness to the complexion.

5. Always protect your skin ♡

You only have one, so take care of it with high, broad-spectrum sun protection. Discover the mesoprotech® range.

Clean, soft, moisturised and protected skin.

Happy Valentine's Day!