Did you know sunscreen with colour provides greater protection against skin spots? We’ll tell you why!

Sunscreen with color

In addition to UVA and UVB rays, the visible light from the sun's rays can cause skin spots, especially in people with dark skin or prone to skin spots. This type of light represents 25% of the sun's rays and directly affects pigmentation, that is, it can lead to the appearance of skin spots.  

The solution is to use wide-spectrum sun protection, with a very high factor and... with color! 

What is sunscreen with color? 

Sunscreen with color is like any other protection, but it incorporates color pigments that provide the cream with make-up-like properties, tanning your skin and achieving a more uniform appearance. What many don't know is that, in addition to leaving a great skin, it also offers further protection against skin spots.  

Benefits of sunscreen with color 

Sunscreen with color can protect against visible light thanks to the presence of various concentrations of different color iron oxides, and, in some cases, titanium dioxide. In fact, sunscreen products with color offer greater protection against hyperpigmentation than those with no color. Therefore, it's best to choose a wide-spectrum sun protection (UVA+UVB+HEV+IR) with a very high factor and color.  

In 2015, a study was conducted on 40 patients with melasma that tried different types of photoprotection. The findings showed that patients with melasma that used sunscreen with protection against UVB, UVA and HEV radiation were prone to lower recurrence after summer than those that only used protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Therefore, optimal photoprotection for patients with melasma involves a wide-spectrum sun protection with color.

Do you know mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control? 

mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control is a sunscreen with color and very high factor sun protection specific for skin with spots.  

It helps regulate melanin synthesis by providing a preventative anti-spot action, thanks to one of the active ingredients included in its formula. 

Its wide-spectrum photoprotection complex based on physical and chemical filters, which offers protection against UVB + UVA radiation, visible light (HEV) and infrared light (IR).  

Thanks to its touch of color and the formula's moisturising active ingredients, your skin will appear smooth, even and with a great glow. 

The correct way of applying it on the face is half an hour before sun exposure on clean and dry skin. It's important to apply a sufficient quantity (more or less two-finger widths or a teaspoon amount). Don't forget to apply it again every 2 hours or after wetting your face.   

Try it! 

Discover the mesoprotech® range

mesoprotech® is the innovative range of wide-spectrum sun protection by mesoestetic® with an anti-aging action and complete sun protection against the different types of solar radiation.

Sunscreen with color


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