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  1. bodyshock reducer pills

    Oral supplement to inhibit the absorption of fat. It results in smoother and more uniform skin by...

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  2. bodyshock total reducer

    Easily absorbed, light texture, reducing effect moisturising cream that contributes to decreasing persistent cellulite.

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  3. bodyshock slim-up! reducer

    Intensive oral supplement as an express treatment for decreasing localized fat deposits.

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  4. bodyshock night reducer

    Night cream for decreasing localized fat deposits and facilitating drainage of excess fluids.

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  5. bodyshock local reducer

    Easily absorbed, light texture, thermal effect slimming gel specifically designed for treating sk...

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  6. bodyshock push-up

    Light, fast-absorbing cream with a firming, tightening effect and stimulating properties. it help...

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