strength and vitality from the root

Hair loss treatment with proven efficacy in men and women.

innovative formulas

Highly effective plant-based exosomes and active ingredients to fortify and control hair loss.

multimodal approach

Combination of a professional method and a complementary at-home routine.

proven efficacy

Tangible results scientifically backed by in vitro and ex vivo efficacy studies.

suitable for all types of skin

Regardless of whether it is dry, greasy, curly, straight or thin.

tricology mesoestetic

what is tricology?

tricology is a hair loss range with a revitalising and repairing effect for men and women.




tricology results

Before Before
Before Before

efficacy endorsed by science

results with the use of tricology lotion

tricology mesoestetic


hair loss¹


new hairs¹


hair density¹

results with the use of tricology shampoo

tricology mesoestetic


times more resistance to breakage⁵

tricology opinions

innovative formulas with differentiating active ingredients

what is a plant-based exosome?

tricology mesoestetic

Small vesicles containing bioactive substances that ensure the correct functioning of the microenvironment surrounding them⁶.

*Active ingredient exclusive to 231 dutexome solution and tricology lotion

what are its benefits?

  • 01. metabolic stimulant, skin and hair follicle regenerator.
  • 02. helps strengthen the skin barrier.
  • 03. activates microcirculation.

what does the + tricology professional treatment consist in?

It is a comprehensive treatment to prevent hair loss, that includes an in-clinic protocol and an at-home routine to maximise the results.


total sessions

7 shock sessions

professional in-clinic protocol professional treatment.

duration of the session: 15 minutes.

treatment duration

6 months

at-home routine

tricology: topical solutions and nutritional supplements.

*It is essential to perform the treatment at an authorised centre and to have a professional's follow-up to ensure the authenticity, efficacy and safety of the treatment.

products tricology

frequently asked questions about tricology

for what type of hair has the tricology range been designed?

The tricology range has been designed for all types of hair, providing a multimodal solution that adapts to various hair needs. Whether your hair is dry, greasy, curly, straight, thin or coarse, tricolour products have been formulated to strengthen and improve your hair's health from the root.

is this treatment completely painless?

The tricology range's professional treatment may include certain procedures that could cause a slight sensation of discomfort or itching during application, depending on the patient's pain threshold.

However, the home treatment has been designed to be completely painless, as the products have been formulated to be safe and not cause any pain or discomfort during application.

what is the best time of the year to undergo the treatment?

It can be carried out throughout the year, especially in periods when there is greater hair loss or less hair density, coinciding with autumn and winter seasons.

when can the results be seen?

The results start to be noticeable after the third session in clinic. Initially, the patient will perceive less hair loss, and after 2-3 months, they will notice further hair density and strength and a thicker hair fibre.

how can I combine products for use at home?

tricology lotion: On alternate nights, apply the anti hair-loss lotion on the scalp up to the dosing mark (use one vial every week; divide the vial into 3 applications). tricology shampoo: Apply the shampoo on the scalp, gently massage and allow it to act for 2-3 minutes for the active ingredients to penetrate. tricology caps: Take one capsule every morning with a glass of water.

can I undergo the treatment with during pregnancy? and during the breastfeeding period?

You cannot undergo the professional treatment with during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. However, you can follow the topical home treatment with tricology lotion and tricology shampoo, interrupting the use of tricology caps three months prior to pregnancy up to the end of the breastfeeding period.

does tricology tricology lotion dirty the hair?

tricology otion is water based and has a light texture that is easily absorbed by the scalp to avoid leaving the hair dirty. However, an excessive application of the product (more than recommended on the vial dosing mark) could leave residue of the formula's active ingredients. Therefore, we recommend applying the appropriate dose, allowing it to act overnight and washing your hair the next morning.

1. Double-blind efficacy clinical study in a group of 40 volunteers with alopecia with different aetiologies after the topical use of Curcuma longa present in tricology otion after 150 days. May 2016.
2. Ex vivo efficacy study on resistance of average traction in Newtons after topical use of Palmaria palmata present in tricology shampoo ​
3. Gurung S, Perocheau D, Touramanidou L, Baruteau J. The exosome journey: from biogenesis to uptake and intracellular signalling. Cell Commun Signal. 2021 Apr 23;19(1):47. doi: 10.1186/s12964-021-00730-1.