Summer seems to be here at last! A time for terraces, paellas and grills, going to the beach and -why not?-, hiking in the mountain. Days with friends, children and in particular days of sun and “good feeling”. Fortunately, society is becoming increasingly more aware of the risks of sun exposure, but professionals still warn that every precaution must be taken to face its effects.

Sun is a source of energy that reaches our planet as electromagnetic radiation with different wavelengths, all of them generating effects on the body. Some are positive; others are often less evident when they occur, induce pigmentation, can cause allergies and early aging and even generate cell damage.

mesoestetic Pharma Group is an internationally recognised pharmaceutical company for its understanding of the skin pigmentation process and its depigmenting and antiaging methods. Innovation and constant search for excellence have led mesoestetic to develop and produce specific products and treatments for skin care and prevention of spots, one of the most evident signs of skin aging. Below you can see some of these essentials for the summertime.

melan 130+ pigment control Concern for spots? melan 130+ pigment control is a very high sun protection (130+) for skin with pigment disorders, as well as persons on aesthetic treatments, in hormonal conditions, such as pregnancy, using photosensitising medicines, etc. It prevents skin spots by regulating tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for producing melanin and, thanks to its ultra-fluid texture with pigments to avoid white residue, it minimises blemishes and provides a light, natural tone.

mesocaps sun defense

Prepares and protects your skin before, during and after sun exposure, complementing and reinforcing the action of sun protection.

Mesocaps sun defense contribute to cell protection against oxidative damage, preventing oxidation of vitamin E and enhancing independent production of vitamin D, while acting as a physical barrier against UVA and UVB. 

mesoprotech sun protective repairing stick

A must in your handbag for this summer? Feel protected at all times with this convenient protective stick, with a sunscreen 2 times higher than the minimum required in a sunscreen SPF50+. Designed specifically for sensitive areas, such as eye contour and lips, scars, spots and even tattoos, it includes in its formula musk rose oil to enhance regeneration and healing.

proteoglycans ampoules

After sun exposure, skin is drier and dull. To improve its quality and even do your tan look better, use daily the new proteoglycans ampoules of mesoestetic. You will soon feel more hydrated and see how its firmness and elasticity improve. In addition, thanks to its light, easy-to-absorb texture, you will be ready in a record time!

aox ferulic

Flights, city and nature routes, staying outside home … your skin needs additional moisturising and care in the summer, that push that will make you shine with your own light. Apply some drops of aox ferulic onto your face, neck and neckline in the morning and night, even before your moisturising cream, and you will begin to notice the benefits of this ultraconcentrated antiaging product from the first day.