013 organic silicon 0,5%

transepidermal solutions

20 x 5 ml

Regulates cell metabolism. active ingredients to design 100% customised treatments 013: regulates cell metabolism - pH 4.8 - 6.4

Silicon is a metalloid present in the structure of water-soluble, biologically active mineral and organic compounds. It activates the intra-adipocyte action of cAMP, thus stimulating lipolysis and hydrolysis of triglycerides, without affecting cell metabolism. It is a structural element of the connective tissue, that is also part of macromolecules such as elastin, collagen, proteoglycans and structural glycproteins. It acts as regulator and normaliser of cell metabolism and cell division.

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Product category cosmetic
Age all
Routine stage treatment
Type of skin all

devitalised skin.

Treatment area face
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Organic silicon