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  1.  proteoglycans ampoules

    Moisturising, nourishing, repairing solution. It includes 10 ampoules.

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  2. ha densimatrix

    Hyaluronic acid concentrate that provides a moisturising, anti-aging, plumping and filling action...

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  3.  pollution defense ampoules

    Intensive ampoules with a protective antioxidant and anti-pollution action. It provides long-las...

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  4.  melatonin ampoules

    Night regenerating antiaging solution. The pack includes 10 ampoules.

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  5.  Stem Cell serum restructuractive

    Highly concentrated serum with an intensive regenerating effect.

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  6.  skin balance

    Intensive concentrate with calming effect for sensitive and sensitised skin. It boosts the skin...

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  7. age element® anti-wrinkle concentrate

    Concentrated serum with an intensive regenerating action for wrinkles and expression lines.

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  8. age element® firming concentrate

    Concentrated serum with lifting effect. High concentration in firming active ingredients to restr...

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  9. age element® brightening concentrate

    Concentrated serum with brightening action and antioxidant active ingredients. Unifies the skin tone.

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