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  1. 038 0.5% venofresh ampoules

    Solution with a toning and firming effect. Improves the appearance of skin with vascular alterations.

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  2. 108 hyaluronic acid

    Solution with a moisturising and revitalising effect. Provides volume and elasticity to the skin.

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  3. 109 bioflash NCTC-109

    Solution with a revitalizing, firming and moisturizing effect. Visibly reduces the appearance of ...

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  4. 110 X-DNA gel

    Gel with a moisturising effect that provides volume, firmness and elasticity to the skin.

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  5. 150 reductonidasa

    Cosmetic with a softening and firming effect for skin with an uneven surface. Especially indicate...

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  6. 151 glutathione

    Cosmetic with antioxidant and illuminating effect. Helps visibly reduce irregular pigmentation an...

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  7. 210 depigmentation solution

    Exclusive combination of tranexamic acid, vitamin C, N-acetyl glucosamine and idebenone with a br...

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  8. 213 mesotox solutions

    Exclusive combination of peptides that act synergistically to reduce expression wrinkles, moistur...

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  9. 214 mesopeptide solution

    Exclusive combination of biomimetic peptides that improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

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  10. 223 skinmark solution

    Exclusive combination of X-DNA, darutoside, organic silicon and Chlorella vulgaris. Improves the ...

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  11. 018 mesostabyl ampoules

    Solution with a revitalising and toning effect. Improves the appearance of localised areas.

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