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  1. age element® anti-wrinkle concentrate

    Concentrated serum with an intensive regenerating action for wrinkles and expression lines.

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  2.  skin balance

    Intensive concentrate with calming effect for sensitive and sensitised skin. It boosts the skin...

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  3. age element® redensifying booster

    Concentrate with redensifying and nourishing action. Provides turgor and flexibility.

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  4. age element® anti-wrinkle booster

    Multicorrector concentrate with anti-wrinkle action. Smoothes the skin surface, reducing wrinkles and expression lines.

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  5. age element® firming booster

    Firming concentrate with lifting effect. Reduces skin flaccidity and redefines facial contours.

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  6. age element® brightening booster

    Brightening, revitalising concentrate. Moisturises the skin and visibly reduces imperfections and expression lines.

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  7. age element® resurfacing solution

    Exfoliating solution that prepares the skin and stimulates epidermal regeneration.

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  8. energy C complex

    Tratamiento intensivo antioxidante, hidratante y tensor. Estimula la propia capacidad de protecci...

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  9.  collagen 360º essence

    Cellular serum with a lifting effect that reactivates vital skin functions, stimulating restoration processes.

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  10. aox ferulic

    Anti-ageing concentrated treatment that prevents and works against oxidative cell damage.

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  11. melan tran3x concentrate

    Intensive depigmenting concentrate that acts on excessive epidermal pigmentation by visibly reducing dark spots.

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  12.  melan recovery

    Intensive treatment to combat reactive signs of irritation and redness, providing the sensation of instant relief.

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