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  1. GENESIS G3 Smoother

    Single-dose booster with a high concentration of niosomic active ingredients to enhance absorption.

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  2. GENESIS G1 Balancer

    Single-dose booster with a high concentration of low-molecular weight active ingredients that ind...

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  3. GENESIS G0 PTC complex

    Complex formulated with active ingredients that reverse DNA damage caused by intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

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  4. bodyshock® bodyshock® stretchmarks booster

    Reduces and prevents the appearance of stretchmarks. Enhances skin toning and firmness.

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  5. bodyshock® bodyshock® lipolytic booster

    Stimulates the decrease in the number and size of fatty cells.

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  6. bodyshock® bodyshock® draining booster

    Encourages lymphatic drainage, strengthening blood capillaries and reducing their permeability.

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  7.  moisturising sun protection

    Very high sun protection (SPF50+) for all types of skin.

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  8.  hydra-vital factor k

    Rich moisturising and nourishing cream with vitamin E for normal and dry skin. It restores the nu...

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  9.  facial massage cream

    Cream particularly formulated for full emulsification with all types of serums.

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  10.  post-peel 1% retinol concentrate

    Ultra-concentrated serum designed to prolong and enhance the renovating action of the mesopeel peels.

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  11.  post-peel neutralizing spray

    Solution that effectively neutralizes the action of chemical peels.

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