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  1. age element® resurfacing solution

    Exfoliating solution that prepares the skin and stimulates epidermal regeneration.

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  2.  ultimate micropeel

    Micro-exfoliating treatment that exerts a smooth renewing action on the skin surface to remove de...

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  3. 150 reductonidasa

    Cosmetic with a softening and firming effect for skin with an uneven surface. Especially indicate...

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  4.  mesolips protector

    Protective cream for sensitive areas of the skin.

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  5.  pre-procedure cleansing solution

    Promotes cellular renewal, smoothing the skin surface and enhancing the subsequent penetration an...

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  6.  hydramilk

    Cleansing milk for all types of skin.

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  7. mesoprotech® antiaging body sun mist

    antiaging body sun mist SPF 30. Its invisible and fresh texture is immediately absorbed without need to extend.

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  8. mesoprotech® antiaging facial sun mist

    Facial mist that provides a ver high sun protection. Fresh, ultra-light texture, with no oily residue.

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  9. bodyshock® drainactive booster

    Concentrate with stimulating and toning effect.

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  10. bodyshock®  firmactive booster

    Concentrate with firming effect. Restores skin elasticity and turgor.

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  11. bodyshock® lipactive booster

    Concentrated solution for localised areas. Defines and improves the appearance of the silhouette.

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  12. bodyshock® active solution

    Solution that carries the active ingredients included in the bodyshock boosters.

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