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  1. mesohyal™ argibenone

    Intra-dermal administration treatment to reduce dynamic expression lines and photoinduced damage.

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  2. mesohyal™ x-DNA

    Treatment of intradermal administration that favors the cutaneous repair by promoting the synthes...

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  3. mesohyal™ oligoelements

    Treatment of intradermal administration to improve the appearance of the skin giving back its sil...

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  4. mesohyal™ organic silicon

    Intradermal treatment for the restructuring of skin tissue.

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  5. mesohyal™ melilot

    Intra-dermal administration treatment to improve the appearance of orange peel and flaccidity of tissues.

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  6. mesohyal™ carnitine

    Intra-dermal administration treatment. Lipolytic, favours fat metabolism.

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  7. mesohyal™ artichoke

    Intra-dermal administration treatment of artichoke extract in a hyaluronic acid base.

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  8. mesohyal™ vitamin C

    Treatment of intradermal administration of illuminating effect.

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  9. mesohyal™ DMAE

    Intradermal treatment to firm tissues and counteract sagging effectively.

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  10. mesohyal™ biotin

    Treatment of intradermal administration for the scalp area.

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  11. mesohyal™ NCTC 109

    Treatment of intensive biorevitalization of intradermal administration.

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  12. mesohyal™ hyaluronic

    Treatment of rehydration and dermal rejuvenation of intradermal administration.

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