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  1. 214 mesopeptide solution

    Exclusive combination of biomimetic peptides that improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

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  2. 223 skinmark solution

    Exclusive combination of X-DNA, darutoside, organic silicon and Chlorella vulgaris. Improves the ...

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  3. 224 cellulishock solution

    Exclusive combination of caffeine, rutin, capsaicin and carnitine with a revitalising and firming...

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  4. 018 mesostabyl ampoules

    Solution with a revitalising and toning effect. Improves the appearance of localised areas.

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  5. age element® resurfacing solution

    Exfoliating solution that prepares the skin and stimulates epidermal regeneration.

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  6. age element® brightening booster

    Brightening, revitalising concentrate. Moisturises the skin and visibly reduces imperfections and expression lines.

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  7. age element® firming booster

    Firming concentrate with lifting effect. Reduces skin flaccidity and redefines facial contours.

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  8. age element® anti-wrinkle booster

    Multicorrector concentrate with anti-wrinkle action. Smoothes the skin surface, reducing wrinkles and expression lines.

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  9. age element® redensifying booster

    Concentrate with redensifying and nourishing action. Provides turgor and flexibility.

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