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  1. mesopeel® azelan

    Peel with antifungal and comedolytic properties. Indicated especially for treating the different stages of acne.

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  2. mesopeel® TCA soft 15%

    Self-neutralizing trichloroacetic acid (TCA) 15% peel to treat aging, pigmented lesions, comed...

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  3. mesopeel® salicylic 30%

    30% salicylic acid peel with powerful keratolytic and oil-regulating effect. Oily, acne-prone ...

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  4. mesopeel® salicylic 20%

    Superficial peeling with this 20% salicylic acid provides a powerful keratolytic and sebum-re...

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  5. mesopeel® salicylic 10%

    Very superficial peeling of 10% salicylic acid with powerful keratolytic and oil-regulating ef...

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  6. acnelan® pack

    A professional medical method for the intensive treatment of acne-prone and seborrheic skins.

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