world's top medical depigmentation treatment. Its unique and innovative formula safely and efficiently removes existing spots and prevents their reappearance, maintaining them under control for a long-lasting outcome.

dermamelan® is the medical depigmenting method that provides a corrective action -acting on the accumulation of pigment in the skin and eliminating existing spots- and a long-term regulating action on the main targets of the hyperpigmentation process -achieving a unique and comprehensive treatment that eliminates existing spots and prevents their reappearance in the long-term.

Products included in the pack:

Product for exclusive medical use, during the consultation phase:

- oil removing solution
- dermamelan mask: intensive depigmenting face mask
- dermamelan ion mask: hydrogel mask with ion technology

Home use products:

- dermamelan treatment: depigmenting cream with a gradual corrective and regulating action
- melan recovery: facial balm for home use
- melan 130 pigment control: sunscreen with colour that helps control pigmentation. It protects the skin from broad-spectrum solar radiation and helps control skin pigmentation

treatment results

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treatment protocol:

in consultation phase

The treatment's In consultation phase has an intensive depigmentation effect that focuses on accelerating cellular renewal and eliminating melanin deposits that accumulate in the skin. It consists in applying two professional synergistic masks. The patient removes the product when at home after the time indicated by the professional. The treatment provides no discomfort and is perfectly compatible with normal life in subsequent days.

at home phase

This phase begins 48/72h after removing the masks. The home guidelines provide a continuous depigmentation action, progressively moderating spots during the treatment. It also has a long-term regulating effect inside the melanocyte, reducing melanin synthesis and acting on the origin of hyperpigmentation to control the spots' reappearance.

home guidelines:

Apply the dermamelan treatment twice a day followed by melan recovery and mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control during daytime applications.

Type of skin all.
Treatment area face.
Concern depigmentation.

Treatment information

Pigmentation concerns are a growing, global issue; they affect more than 90% of adults over the age of 50. Regardless of skin color, they are a significant issue because of their unattractive appearance and negative psychological and emotional impact, affecting quality of life. Melanogenesis is influenced by both exogenous and endogenous factors that can lead to a localized overproduction of melanin. This excess of melanin translates into unsightly spots of pigmentation, which in the majority of cases are harmless. They are acquired skin spots, different from those with a genetic origin.