223 skinmark solution


Stimulates cell repair and restructures the protein network of the dermis.

5 x 10 ml active ingredient cocktails to treat specific aesthetic concerns 223: restructuring action for skin lesions - pH 6.0 - 7.0

Distension stretchmarks reflect a breakage occurring in the dermis connective tissue and shown externally as skin atrophy. They are usually located in growth areas (hips, flanks or periumbilical area), as well as those with a marked hormonal influence (breasts and thighs). They may be also related to the long-term use of topical corticoids. 223 skinmark solution stimulates cell repair and re-structures the rupture of the protein network of the dermis. Provides hydration, elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Product category cosmetic
Age all
Routine stage treatment
Type of skin all

prevention and reduction of stretchmarks.
also indicated for the treatment of post-acne scars.

Treatment area face, body
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