220 draining solution

transepidermal solutions

It provides a draining, decongestant, venotonic and capillary permeability reduction effect.

5 x 10 ml active ingredient cocktails to treat specific aesthetic concerns 220: draining action with decongestant effect - pH 6.6 - 7.4

There are several causes that can result in lymphatic system disorders, such as stress, lack of physical activity, poor diet, use of some drugs, genetic factors... These factors cause an increase in fluid retention, making difficult circulation and resulting in lymph fluid building up, accumulation of toxins, appearance of cellulite, feeling of heaviness... 220 draining solution provide a draining, decongestant and venotonic effect. It also has anti-oxidant and firming properties.

Additional information

Product category cosmetic
Age all
Routine stage treatment
Type of skin all

circulatory disorders and fluid retention.
within the framework of a full treatment of silhouette concerns, it is recommended to use it as draining stage before another lipolytic stage.

Treatment area body
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