Medical antiaging treatments


Antiaging solutions and treatments for medical professionals

Medical antiaging treatments

Aging, either intrinsic or extrinsic, starts in the cells, it is a change in the biological, biochemical and molecular mechanisms that over time involves a loss of functionality, the cells stops fulfilling its activity effectively, causing some changes that are translated into skin, fat, muscular and bone changes.

The main clinical signs seen are: A reduction in the synthesis of the main structural elements, such as HA, collagen and elastin, and a reduction in the cell tissue repair and renewal capacity. Both processes cause a loss of skin turgor, such as the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. A change in fat distribution that results in ptosis and the loss of the so-called “triangle of youth”.

Mesoestetic® medical antiaging solutions combat the visible signs of aging, acting on the main biological cellular processes, as well as on the redistribution of volumes altered during this process.

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