lipactive solution

liquid L-Carnitine


Dietary supplement in liquid format with L-carnitine, ginseng and bitter orange extract. Includes 14 vials - grapefruit flavour
14 x 10ml

New exclusive formula in liquid format for treating localised fat.

Its optimal combination of L-carnitine, ginseng and bitter orange extract stimulates the elimination of localised and stubborn fat when following an intensive 14-day plan.

Main benefits:
-FAT MOBILISER: Promotes fat metabolism and mobilisation
-LYPOLITIC: Stimulates the burning of fat as a source of energy.
-THERMOGENIC: Increases body temperature, stimulating fat burn.
-VENOTONIC: Promotes circulation and microcirculation.

grascontrol lipactive solution comes in grapefruit flavour, is vegan and has no added sugar.

L-carnitine is an amino acid whose main function is to mobilise fatty acids in tissue, enabling its appropriate cell use in the energy metabolism.

Treatment area body.
frequency of use once a day.
time of use morning.
Clock once a day, morning.

Consume preferably in the morning or before physical activity.

Step 1: Shake before use and dilute the entire content of a vial into a glass of water.
Step 2: Stir slightly and consume.

We recommended consuming one vial per day, continuously, for a maximum period of three months to obtain optimal results, as well as following a healthy and balanced diet.

Brand grascontrol®
Product category home
Age all
Routine stage treatment
Type of skin all
indication Intensive treatment: trouble areas with localised adipose tissue
Stagnation during treatment or diet.
Boosting results of physical activity
Treatment area body
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