Double effect


Dietary supplement that transforms fatty acids into energy.
20 x 5 ml

Dietary supplement that transforms fatty acids into energy. It mobilizes fat from tissues and stimulates correct use by cells during cellular energy metabolism. 20 ampoules.

artichoke extract


Treatment area body.
frequency of use once a day.
time of use morning, noon, afternoon and evening.
Clock once a day, morning, noon, afternoon and evening.

Dissolve a Grascontrol L-Carnitine ampoule and a Grascontrol Artichoke Extract ampoule in 1.5 litres of water. Consume the content of the bottle throughout the day. For a more effective result, its consumption for at least 30 days is recommended.

- Put the ampoule in a vertical position with the thinnest side up.

- Place the opener at the top.

- Put your thumb above the coloured spot and break the ampoule by pressing backwards.

- Remove the opener and tilt it to remove the upper part of the ampoule.

Brand grascontrol®
Product category home
Age all
Routine stage treatment
Type of skin all
  • To increase the use of energy by the body while stimulating the digestion of fats.
  • To help in purifying processes by supporting intestinal motility and digestive functions.
  • Antioxidant action: to deactivate free radicals.
  • To produce a feeling of increased energy while reducing the sensation of hunger.
Treatment area body
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