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Your beauty routine for 2018

25 janvier 2018

Clean, exfoliate and hydrate. Make a mental note. Sure, these are the everyday basic treatments. Your mother does it, and she got it from your grandmother. Look at it this way, if this routine has been passed down through the generations, it must be because it works. At mesoestetic we give you the keys to adapting this routine to each type of skin and, above all, to the demands of modern life.


  1.       Why is it so important to keep the skin clean?

Apart from obvious hygienic matters, there are different reasons why the skin should always be kept clean:

Facial skin is the area that is most exposed to external agents and it suffers from air pollution.  When the skin is dirty, the pores tend to open up and, as a result, external agents get in. This leads to aesthetic problems such as acne, dehydration and that dull effect.

Clean skin better absorbs the products used in our beauty routine, maximising results.

It is important to clean our face in the morning and at night. In the morning, we remove the dead cells left over from the skin renewal process, which occurs while we sleep. At night, we remove our make-up and any dirt produced by external agents.

At mesoestetic, we have different products available for each skin type:

  • hydra milk cleanser: Cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin.
  • facial gel cleanser: Facial cleansing gel for normal and combination skins.
  • Hydratonic: Facial toner lotion with an astringent effect for all types of skin. 
  • ultimate W+ whitening toning lotion: Lightening toner lotion, mattifying and normalising, finishes off make-up removal and optimises the effectiveness of the subsequently applied treatments.  
  1.       Exfoliate.

Once our skin is clean, it’s important to remove any remaining dead cells. The skin undergoes a natural process of cellular renewal. However, as the years go by, this process becomes less effective. As a result, we should help it by using products which intensify natural exfoliation. At mesoestetic, we recommend:

purifying mousse: Daily cleansing foam. It removes impurities from the skin and provides a pleasant feeling of comfort.


pure renewing mask: Skin softening and purifying facial mask to be used weekly for skin which tends to be sebaceous and acneic. It contains granules that have a mechanical exfoliation and cellular renewal action.

brightening peel booster: Renewal gel and lightener which reactivates cellular renewal and increases the hydration of the skin.

  1.       Moisturising.

Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Hydration helps us to provide the necessary nutrients for cellular renewal. Therefore, moisturised skin suffers less from the visible signs of tiredness, stress and ageing, and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The antiaging range by mesoestetic has a moisturising cream specially designed for each age range: energy C, collagen 360, stem Cell and Radiance DNA.

If, in addition to hydration, you want to achieve a light skin tone, W+ whitening cream unifies the tone of the skin, progressively eliminating spots and increasing brightness.

regenerance active is a non-greasy moisturising gel for combination skins. It offers elasticity, softness and tightness to the skin.


If you are still not clear on what product is most suitable for your skin, or if you want to add a more specific product to your beauty routine, please visit our mesoestetic recommendation tool for a personalised diagnosis.

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