Mesoestetic Mesoestetic 850001

mesofiller® is a new range of fillers containing top-quality crosslinked hyaluronic acid. Monophasic (containing no free hyaluronic acid) gel of non-animal origin, it is fully resorbed and blends into the skin perfectly. The mesofiller® range is based on DENSIMATRIX® technology. A process enabling uniform crosslinking of 100% of hyaluronic acid chains, which allows greater durability and better resistance to degradation. Hyaluronic acid is subjected to a purification process which helps reduce residual BDDE (butanediol diglycidyl ether) levels to a minimum, guaranteeing maximum purity (the residual BDDE content is less than 0,05 parts per million). The low level of residual BDDE ensures lower toxicity, minimizing the risk of intolerance and side effects.

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