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Combining our professional treatments and home maintenance products results in more visible and longer-lasting results

Home Maintenance

Aesthetic treatments

Medical treatments

More visible and longer-lasting results

Professional care

Professional treatments

Professional treatments can be medical or aesthetic. Medical treatments must be applied at a medical center or clinic, while aesthetic treatments are applied at beauty salons or aesthetic health centers.

Medical treatments

Applied by medical-aesthetic specialists and dermatologists, these intensive and effective treatments help correct facial and figure aesthetic concerns. Combining different products leads to high degrees of customization thanks to adaptable formulas.

Aesthetic treatments

Applied by aesthetics professionals, these treatments can be tailored and customized to each patient’s needs thanks to application protocols designed to optimize results during each and every stage of the process: prevention, preparation, treatment, maintenance and followup.

Home care

Home maintenance

Range of everyday skin and body care products for men and women. The entire range of home care products contains top-of-the-line active ingredients to ensure that the patient experiences professional results. Developed as an extension to our professional treatment range, our home care products are vital for pre- and post-treatment and for prevention, maintenance and correction purposes.

Each product forms part of a skin care regime offering cleansing, treatment and protection. As experts, with experts and for experts, mesoestetic® designs and innovates medical-grade topical home care products that ensure that the cleansing stage boosts the action of active ingredients on applying the treatment and that protective properties prevent and control negative effects due to sun exposure.

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