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Is your skin sensitive? This is how you should care for it

29 November 2018

When the skin protective barrier function does not act against external aggressions, the skin suffers and loses radiance, smoothness and signs such as redness or shedding may even appear, which require a greater care and protection. In mesoestetic we develop specific products for conditions that may appear in sensitive skins.


What is a sensitive skin?


Skin is a complex organ, with a fragile balance that is easily affected by several both internal and external factors; a poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, prolonged exposure to the sun without protection… a number of worsening factors that may cause loss of the natural balance of the skin.


Help the skin stay healthy ensures that it remains bright and firm for a longer time, and also protected from external aggressions.


The face and the hands are the areas where the skin suffers a higher exposure to inclemencies and therefore are areas which require constant, special care. If you have a sensitive skin you will immediately recognise its symptoms, very similar to those occurring when the skin is dehydrated; shedding, reddening, rash, hardness; and more severe: itching, burning, tightness, etc.


How to care for a sensitive skin?


In mesoestetic we develop specific products for each type of skin, the components used have been tested and their formulations have been produced specifically to help find again the balance of the type of skin to be treated:


hydra milk cleanser


Cleansing milk for dry, sensitive skins. Removes effectively make-up and impurities, moisturises intensely and respects the skin physiological balance. Its soothing properties provide a pleasant feeling of comfort.




Facial tonic milk with astringent effect for all types of skins. It removes residual impurities and decongests the skin, leaving it fresh, smooth, and soft. The lack of alcohol in its composition respects the skin pH and prevents dehydration.


melan recovery


Intensive treatment that combats the reactive symptoms related to irritation and reddening, providing a feeling of immediate soothing. Reduces skin sensitivity and reinforces skin defences against external aggressions or after medical-aesthetic treatments. Re-balances the skin barrier, providing comfort, elasticity and smoothness to the skin. Rich texture, easy to spread and quickly absorbed, that relieves immediately the feeling of tightness. Hypoallergenic.


proteoglycans ampoules


Nourishing ampoules with synergistic active ingredients that provide tissues with more firmness and elasticity. Its concentrated formula is indicated as daily treatment for dry, mature skin.


pollution defence ampoules


Its concentrated formula prevents aging by protecting against oxidative agents and specifically against environmental pollution. Provides long-term moisturising and reduces wrinkles and expression lines.


anti-stress face mask


Soothing, repairing mask for all types of skins, even the most sensitive. It has decongestant, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, thanks to its complex formulation. Helps restore the skin and soothes irritations, redness and swelling.



mesoprotech nourishing antiaging oil


Dry and mature skin. Dry antiaging solar oil that provides a very high sun protection. With chia oil of antioxidant and firming properties. Gel-oil texture that melts with the skin and provides an intense feeling of comfort and a glossy finish with no oily residues.


If you do not know our recommender yet, we encourage you to try it and know the specific solutions we offer for your type of skin and your specific needs.



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