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Eye contour is, today more than ever, our main beauty ally

14 July 2020

The appearance of our gaze may be affected by several imperfections. Distinguishing the type of skin of each contour and the imperfection to be treated is essential when choosing the appropriate product.

In the next months, our eyes will be the only visible feature of the face, so they will be in charge of transmitting all our expressions. Our gaze will capture all attention and should attract love as a smile does.

Caring and enhancing gaze has become one of the most important steps of our beauty routine in the “new normal”. Therefore, we here disclose all you should know about eye contour and its care to have an amazing gaze:

The skin in our eye contour is very thin. It is a highly vascularised area which tends to retain fluids due to the limited drainage, as it occurs through the lachrymal.

The most evident disorders in the eye contour are under-eye dark circles. The origin of purple under-eye dark circles is vascular or circulatory, while that of brown under-eye dark circles is melanic or pigmentary.

Other imperfections affecting the appearance of this area are the under-eye bags, where the origin can be water or fat. There are also periocular wrinkles, commonly called crow’s feet.

When looking for an eye contour, we should choose it based on the type of imperfection to be treated. To improve the appearance of under-eye dark circles, it is recommended to apply products containing active ingredients such as vitamin C. energy C eye contour is an energising cream based on vitamin C that provides hydration and tonicity. Its action against under-eye dark circles suppresses progressively the signs of fatigue and tiredness in this area.


energy C eye contour

If we want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the eye contour, we can apply products containing collagen and Argireline. collagen 360º eye contour combines these active ingredients to smooth the eye contour and reduce wrinkles visibly, stimulating collagen regeneration.

If the imperfection to be treated is under-eye bags, we can choose products containing tetrapeptides with draining effect, that also provide a tightening action and improve the appearance of the eye contour. radiance DNA eye contour is a cream for the eye contour that performs a triple action against wrinkles, under-eye dark circles and bags. It combines several active ingredients, including tetrapeptides with anti-oedema properties, highly effective for the reduction of bags.


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