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Do you feel your skin tired and dull? Illuminate your face with mesoestetic

14 February 2019

If you use make-up every morning to conceal a dull skin with a tired look and the illuminator is your star product, in mesoestetic we tell you what to include in your routine to achieve a radiant skin, with no tricks.

In mesoestetic we always reinforce the value of following good cleansing and moisturising habits to keep your skin healthy. However, a tired skin with a fatigued look is the result of multiple factors which we cannot control: pollution, insufficient sleep, moments of a lot of stress or even an unbalanced diet.


To reduce the effect of these unavoidable factors and recover the natural glow of your skin, in mesoestetic we propose these solutions. Intensive, easy-to-apply treatments.



aox ferulic


This concentrated antiaging treatment is one of the MUST HAVE of mesoestetic. How does it work? aox ferulic inhibits the oxidative cascade produced by external aggressions immediately and is lasting.

What else does it provide? Protection and more protection against UVB, UVA, HEV, IR-A radiations. If you are a cosmopolitan person, with a frantic lifestyle, aox ferulic is your treatment.

Apply morning and night to enhance its benefits.


energy C complex


In mesoestetic we believe in the power of vitamin C as applied topically it fulfils a dual antioxidant action. energy C complex is a perfect treatment for dull skins. Why? Thanks to its antioxidant, moisturising, smoothing action, it stimulates the protection capacity of the skin against free radicals and improves skin nourishment and elasticity, combating fine wrinkles and expression lines.



concentrated active solutions


What would you ask from your star product? Concentrated solutions for a visible outcome in packs ensuring the optimum dose in each application.

These are the mesoestetic ampoule range. Five unique highly-concentrated formulas to provide a solution for specific needs: antiaging, firming, antioxidant, antipollution, renewal, exfoliating, nourishing, flash action… choose yours and be surprised with the outcome!



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