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5 proposals of mesoestetic to be just perfect in weddings, christenings and communions

24 May 2018

Although summer is yet to arrive, May starts the season of weddings, christenings and communions. Yes, they start to fill our agendas, with the concern for finding the ideal dress and also to show a glowing, hydrated skin, with no signs of tiredness.
From mesoestetic we propose to you a number of products and treatments to have all eyes on you and be everyone’s envy at the party.

antiaging flash ampoules

Antiaging ampoules with immediate tensing effect. Intensive treatment that provides freshness, moisturisation and an instant lifting effect. The antiaging flash ampoules from mesoestetic are the solution to get instant skin brightness, for those moments where you need a flash effect.

Components and properties:

-       Plant tensor with elastic properties and immediate anti-wrinkle effect.

-       Collagen, potent moisturiser and reaffirming.

-       Elastin, with tensing and re-structuring properties.

-       Vitamin C, antioxidant and brightening.

energy C complex

Intensive four-week treatment with antioxidant, moisturising and tensing action. Stimulates the protection ability of the skin against free radicals. Improves skin nourishing and elasticity, fighting fine wrinkles and expression lines. Exra Vitamin V for attracting all eyes!

Components and properties:

-       Vitamin C: Applied topically it fulfils a dual antioxidant action: neutralises free radicals of cells and is involved in vitamin E regeneration, essential for the protection of the cell lipid membrane.

-       Osilift: Tensor of plant origin with anti-wrinkle properties. Lifting flash effect.

-       Vitamin E: Improves skin nourishing and elasticity, fighting fine wrinkles and expression lines.

hydra-vital face mask

Hydronutritive, revitalizing face mask for dry, dehydrated skins. Do you have 10 minutes? Let hydra-vital face mask from mesoestetic act while you are getting ready and you will notice the outcomes. You will feel that your skin is nourished and revitalised, ready to succeed!

Components and properties:

-       Hyaluronic acid with highly moisturising and re-structuring properties.

-       Vitamins C and E, that improve skin elasticity.

-       Panthenol, that prevents transepidermal evaporation of water and improves cell regeneration.


ultimate W+ BB Cream

Either in its light and medium version, ultimate W+ BB cream is a multi-action cream that moisturises, evens out and brightens skin tone instantaneously in a natural way. Reduces spots and blemishes and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, it provides maximum, homogeneous, constant photoprotection against UVA and UVB. Beautiful and protected at all times.

Components and properties:

-       [meso]white complex®: Unique complex of active substances of recognized efficacy, that inhibit melanin synthesis as it affects different steps of its formation and transfer.

-       Phospholipids: They protect from external aggressions and prevent water loss.

-       Tocopherol: Antioxidant and free radical neutralizing action.

stem Cell serum restructuractive

Ultraconcentrated serum in stem cell extract with intensive renewing action. Powerful shock treatment against cell aging, that fights the skin degradation process and repairs deep winkles. Keep the ampoules in the fridge and apply its content at night with a pleasant massage. You will wake up feeling glowing!

Components and properties:

-       Plant stem cells extract: 10% concentration of stem cell extract. Rich in phytonutrients and proteins. It has regenerative, repairing properties and helps fight deep wrinkles. Improves skin quality and texture.

-       Vitamins A & E: Intensive antioxidant, emollient, moisturising and regenerative properties.




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