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The 5 mesoestetic solutions preferred by men

21 March 2019

Do you want to know which are mesoestetic best sellers for men? We have analysed your favourites in the shop on-line, we have noted those most commonly chosen as Father’s Day gift and we have carried out a survey of all men who are part of the team to discover the products included in the list of products preferred by men, please note!

Men are increasingly concerned about their look and care for their skin with quality products which are specific for their needs. They also want a radiant, healthy skin, but ask for easy-to-apply products, with a light feeling in the skin and visible outcomes since the first day. The following mesoestetic products meet the requirements of men.


purifying mousse

The first step, essential for any routine, is to keep the skin clean and they are also aware of it. purifying mousse is the perfect foam for daily cleansing. Its texture is very light and leaves a refreshing feeling on the skin, in addition to removing impurities, leaving the skin smooth and a pleasant feeling of comfort.


bodyshock reduce & go

Easy, fast and without complications. Stir, apply & go! With bodyshock reduce & go, a spray that is applied in a few seconds and quickly absorbed, it will be much easier for you to show your body this Easter. It is particularly indicated to combat fat localised in the most challenging areas.


pollution defence ampoules

Accelerated pace, motorcycle, pollution… pollution defence ampoules are fast and easy to apply thanks to their format. They are particularly indicated to protect the skin from environmental contamination; the most urbanites have no longer excuses not to care for themselves!


tricology hair growth intensive lotion

Have you recently noticed you are losing more hair? Seasonal changes, stress, inadequate shampoos… The solution chosen by mesoestetic men is tricology hair growth intensive lotion, an intensive anti-hair loss treatment with revitalising action. Do not put it off for tomorrow!


mesocaps eye contour recovery

One of the aging signs of greatest concern for men is the eye contour and food supplements are an easy, effective solution. With mesocaps eye contour recovery forget about under-eye circles and a tired, dull face. With just one capsule a day you help reduce the signs of fatigue.


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