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The 5 mesoestetic products to triumph in Saint Valentine’s Day

07 February 2019

14 February, Saint Valentine’s Day. I’m so nervous thinking about what I can wear and where to go. Movies and restaurant? or, movie at home and a romantic dinner?
And you? The best look is a radiant, bright skin, so don’t forget to prepare for such a special day. In mesoestetic we propose to you a range of products to dazzle in your appointment and continue adding memories together.

anti-stress face mask


The night before the appointment is the ideal time to give your skin extra care, which revitalises the skin and provides added radiance. mesoestetic anti-stress face mask is a soothing, repair mask for all types of skins, even the most sensitive ones. It has decongestant, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. What else can we ask from a mask?


imperfection control


Pimple at sight! You may always have a perfect skin, but you have an appointment, and there is the pimple! Take it easy, for these emergency cases mesoestetic has created imperfection control, a cream for focal use with pigments for an adaptable, progressive camouflage effect, based on the movement made during application, which allows it to adjust to the different skin tones, with active ingredients to revert quickly and effectively acne rash.


antiaging flash ampoules


You already know them, the MUST HAVE beauty gurus with anti-fatigue and immediate lifting effect. Their formula provides the skin with a greater elasticity and firmness and their light, fast-absorbing texture provides smoothness and comfort.


antiaging line


Keep moisturising! The key is always an adequate hydration! In mesoestetic we have 4 antiaging lines segmented according to the skin aging stage. Use the mesoestetic recommender, that will help you choose the range best meeting your needs.


antiaging flash session with Genesis


If you really want to look amazing, do not doubt it. Go to a beauty centre and ask for Genesis. Thanks to its SmartDrivity™ technology, this device provides fantastic, effective, lasting outcomes, also visible since the first session!


If you don’t find love on this Saint Valentine’s Day, it is because you don’t want to.


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