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What is the difference between a serum and a moisturising cream?

22 November 2018

In mesoestetic we develop treatments and solutions adapted to different needs: type of skin, skin aging stage, climate factors… Based on these needs, the texture of each solution is key to obtain the desired results with the treatment.

What is the difference between the serum and the moisturising cream?


Serums have a lighter texture and, therefore, provide a fast absorption. However, the moisturising cream is a more concentrated emulsion and requires a longer time to complete absorption.


The main function of the cream is to moisturise the skin and the objective of the serum is to enhance the effects of the moisturising cream.


What is the best for my skin, serum or moisturising cream?


It is not a matter of choosing the product, but the time and method of application. The combined application of both solutions continuously and constantly will ensure the success of our beauty care routine.


How to apply it?


You must apply the serum when your skin is more responsive, just after the daily cleansing and application of the tonic. You only need a couple of drops and spread it through a gentle massage on the face, neck and décolleté. Then apply your moisturising cream, that you use for day or for night.


Which is my mesoestetic serum?


collagen 360° essence


Facial serum with a lifting effect that reactivates collagen synthesis, providing a tightening, redensifying action. It treats the loss of firmness and the wrinkles, improving skin tissue quality and resistance. Skin recovers its vitality and elasticity, pores close and wrinkles are smoothed.


ultimate W+ whitening essence


If you have any skin imperfections, this serum will be your best friend. An intensive serum with whitening and antioxidant action that evens out your skin tone and reduces small wrinkles.


stem Cell serum restructuractive


If you are looking for a shock treatment, this is your solution. An ultraconcentrated serum in stem cell extract with intensive renewing action. Combats cell aging and repairs deep wrinkles.


Something more than a serum


aox ferulic


Much more than a serum, with surprising results. Aox ferulic by mesoestetic is a concentrated antiaging treatment that provides the skin with immediate, long-lasting protection against external and also internal aggressions, inhibiting the oxidative cascade of the skin. An immediate illuminator with revitalising action, a technological shield that acts as a biological protector against radiation from smartphones, tablets, etc.


Discover much more here.


Skin is a responsive organ, for good and for bad, adapting to rough weather conditions, passage of time, our lifestyle. Its high adaptability makes that all these internal and external factors are shown as wrinkles, spots, etc. But it also “adapts” and responds quickly when it is provided with the appropriate care and products.


Visit our recommender to know exactly what products you need according to your needs and start to care for your skin today.




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