Seasonal skin care

Reset your skin in winter

27 September 2018

Recover skin's health and prepare it for the harshness of winter weather.

Winter is also one of the best seasons for taking care of your skin: without the extreme temperatures of summer or winter, and with a more humid environment, this season offers many possibilities for restoring luminosity to your skin and helping it recover from the excesses of the summer holidays, whilst also getting it ready to face the winter cold.

The mesoestetic pharmaceutical laboratory proposes some of the most effective treatments and solutions for helping your skin recover after summer and restoring moisture and a healthy look.

hydra milk cleanser

Cleansing the skin carefully is the first step in starting to treat it. This cleansing milk effectively removes make-up and impurities, intensively moisturises and respects the physiological balance of the skin. It‘s particularly indicated for dry and sensitive skins which often are the result of getting too much sun in summertime.

brightening peel booster

Whether you want to prepare your skin for a salon treatment or you're seeking to help it recover its natural luminosity, an even tone and eliminate dark spots, this booster with glycolic acid and phytic acid will be your best ally. Apply it to the face, neck and décolletage at night and start to notice its effects. Thanks to its clarifying and rejuvenating action, it reactivates cellular renewal and increases the skin's hydration, in addition to leaving it lighter and with an even tone.  

aox ferulic

Ready, set... Go! Protect yourself against external aggressions that trigger an oxidative cascade: stress, sleep disruptions, UVA, UVB rays, visible light, and infra-red radiation. This latest-generation anti-ageing and anti-oxidant concentrate will be your new must have. It prepares your skin for everyday life and protects it from premature ageing. Use it morning and night for an ideal intensive treatment for any type of skin.

cosmelan, number 1 in professional depigmentation treatments

Did you know that winter is the best time to undertake depigmenting treatments? If you're worried about dark spots on your skin and want to restore a tone that is even, free of dark spots and renewed in appearance, place your faith in cosmelan®, the world-leading professional depigmentation treatment. Over one million patients have tried it and are satisfied with its results.

The success of cosmelan® is based on its dual corrective and regulating action. On the one hand, it intensively corrects skin hyperpigmentation and, on the other, it regulates overproduction of melanin in melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new spots. By acting at these two levels, it achieves short and long-term results to keep hyperpigmentation under control.

The treatment consists of two phases: a preliminary application of the professional treatment in the salon and at-home maintenance based on the cosmelan 2 cream, the melan recovery moisturiser and repair cream, and melan 130+ pigment control sunscreen.

Don't hesitate, just visit your premier aesthetic centre and ask about this leading treatment.

light water antiaging veil

Solar protection continues to be indispensable in your daily routine even if you're not spending the day in a lounge chair. The innovative formulas of the mesoestetic mesoprotech line offer comprehensive protection against UVA, UVB and IR rays, as well as the visible light from computer, tablet and smartphone screens... light water antiaging veil was designed for the everyday life of normal and combination skins. Its formula includes hyaluronic acid to boost and maintain the skin’s natural moisture factor, as well as its elasticity and firmness. And, its ultra-light emulsion texture promotes immediate absorption.

melatonin & pollution defense ampoules

With the return to routine, it’s important to give your skin an extra dose of care. At night, boost the effectiveness of your treatments with melatonin ampoules, which promote repair mechanisms and accelerate anti-oxidant defences to prevent and counteract skin ageing.In the morning, protect yourself from everyday environmental pollution and oxidising agents with pollution defense ampoules. In addition, they provide an extra dose of long-duration hydration to maintain it all day long.


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