Protecting yourself from pollution, the new beauty secret for radiant skin

20 September 2018

Every season has a star product that becomes indispensable in our daily beauty routine. But what happens when the vacations are over? We go back to the city, to orderly schedules and getting all the sleep we need, and our skin appreciates the fact that there are fewer hours of sunshine, that we are sleeping and eating better. But have you ever thought about how city pollution affects your skin? The mesoestetic pollution defense ampoules are a must have product for urban skins.

Pollution defense ampoules are an anti-oxidant and anti-pollution solution that are part of the new line of mesoestetic ampoules for home use. Pollution is one of the main factors in ageing, however it is one of the most overlooked concerns when it comes to choosing anti-ageing products.

The oxidative stress, accumulation of microparticles on the surface and loss of cell viability that occur in the city are factors that trigger beauty problems like dehydration, premature ageing, loss of luminosity or irritation of the skin and the onset of allergies.

pollution defense ampoules

Why choose mesoestetic pollution defense ampoules? 

Their concentrated formula prevents ageing by protecting the skin from oxidising agents and, specifically, from environmental pollution. It provides long-lasting hydration that will keep your skin moisturised all day long.
The individual format of the single-dose ampoules ensures the optimal delivery of the ingredients in each application and the perfect conservation of the properties of the formula over time.

Who should use pollution defense ampoules? And why?

Pollution defense ampoules are indicated for all skin types. They’re a perfect anti-ageing preventive product for skin that lives in an urban environment and for people who smoke. The benefits are:

•    Anti-pollution, they reduce collagen degradation from oxidation by 95%.
•    Anti-oxidant, they reduce oxidative stress by 50%. 
•    Hydrating, they increase skin hydration by 85%. 

When should I apply the pollution defense ampoules?

Daily use. Apply every morning to clean and dry skin and before applying your usual mesoestetic® treatment cream. Extend over the face, neck and décolletage and massage until completely absorbed. This should be following by the application of a specific sunscreen suited to the needs of your skin, such as one of the mesoprotech® advanced solutions range.



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